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My 2011 MacBook Pro GPU failed. What can I do?

We have bad news and good news. The bad news – your GPU is failing. There is a widely known defect in the AMD Radeon GPUs on these MacBook Pro models. You are not going to be able to fix the GPU. You can extend its life for a few weeks with a reflow, or […]

New ransomware: BadRabbit

On Tuesday, reports surfaced that a new kind of malware was spreading around Europe. The apparent ransomware which researchers are calling Bad Rabbit bubbled up in Russia and Ukraine and appears to also be affecting Turkey and Germany, though spread isn’t fully known at this time. Initial targets include Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Kiev’s […]

Intel announces Core X processor lineup

The battle for the title of the most powerful PC processor in the world has just become even bloodier. Intel has announced its first 18-core processor at Computex in Taipei, officially named i9-7980XE The 7980XE, which will cost from $1,999, represents the very top of Intel’s high-end offerings, marking the eighth generation of its Core […]

Intel Launches Core War With Unveiling Of Core i9 Extreme

Earlier this week at Computex, Intel announced the new Intel Core i9 Extreme processor. “Extreme” seems like an accurate descriptor for a CPU with 18 cores, capable of executing 36 simultaneous threads. I feel like Intel missed an opportunity to have had Tim Allen reprise his Tim “The Toolman” Taylor role from the sitcom Home […]

Why AMD’s Radeon graphics cards are almost impossible to buy right now

It’s impossible to buy anything but the most entry level Radeon graphics cards right now. That’s expected at the high-end, as AMD’s enthusiast-focused Radeon RX Vega graphics cards won’t launch until the very end of July. But even “sweet spot” mainstream graphics cards like the superb Radeon RX 570 and RX 580 can’t be found […]